WHAt is hd glue?

HD GLUE LTD Is an established black owned, London based Hair cosmetic brand. The brand launched in 2019 and has been providing quality products at an affordable price ever since. We specialise in toupee and lace application and removal. You may have seen some of our products on Youtube and on other social media platforms.

At HD GLUE we understand the importance in ensuring that your wig or toupee is able to look good and remain exactly where you want it all day. That’s why our team of hair and wig specialists have designed our lace wig adhesive to provide your hair piece with a powerful and invisible bond that lasts throughout the day, without giving off an unnatural shine. Whether you wear a wig, toupee, extensions, or lace closures, our wig and toupee glue is ideal for providing you with a professional-quality and natural looking hold.


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HD GLUE Active Coconut

£15.00 GBP